Included with your webhosting: Free SSL Certificate and Installation and free Open Cart store software!

Install Open Cart software using the free and automated Softaculous App Installer by logging in to CPanel.
Go to and setup a free merchant account. Your free square account includes: your first $1000 of sales for free, a free app and card swiper for your mobile phone, free online terminal and no monthly fee automated online store card processing at 2.7% no matter what card is used.
Follow Squares simple insructions to link your square account to your Open Cart store. You now have a professional and secure store to sell whatever you wish like the pros!

Normally you have to purchase a SSL cert each year, and pay for a IP address each month. Most merchant accounts charge hefty fees for extras like mobile phone swipers, online terminal, automated store processing, plus they all charge monthly statement fees and a fee it you don't meet monthly minimums. But with Square, you only pay a small % when you actually make a sale. No other monthly fees or charges. No need to purchase extra card processing equipment, as everything you need is provided for at no extra cost.


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Monday, March 19, 2018

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